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but only to post art

i have an art blog on tumblr, and i reblog that stuff to my main blog, but i often only get a little over 30 notes max, 100 if i did a really unusually phenomenal job, so i'd like to have someplace to put my art where i could possibly get more feedback
so i'm considering coming back here, but only to post art, and rarely. i won't talk much, won't post many journals if any at all, and i wont upload everything i do
im still debating, and im very nervous due to how popular this site is with art thieves, and how hot topic steals art to put on shirts from here and the staff does nothing about it, which is what prompted me to leave in the first place. of course there is art theft on tumblr but since tumblr is a site for exclusively artists it's much less well known as a target, and obviously therefore less targeted. but like i said i am desperate for feedback and praise
so i'll consider it and if anyone wants to see me back then maybe i will. we'll see

i figure i should do an update on how ive been for my friends who arent on tumblr and as a result haven't heard from me in a long time
i've been doing okay, not much has happened actually. i'll try to sum it up
  • i've gotten really into silent hill after playing the first and third games 
  • i am still happily married to kyoko sakura (this will never change ever)
  • i've started watching idolmaster and i like hibiki because she's literally like kyoko except blue and less brash (but she will never replace kyoko)
  • i've started watching the walking dead, i like glenn and daryl
  • i've watched kill la kill, i love ryuko
  • i'm watching rwby which i really really really like aside from the gross queerbaiting, ruby and yang are my favs
  • ordered new glasses, once i get those im going to be dying my roots brown then cutting my hair shorter, so i'll be looking different and hopefully better soon
  • started learning hindi and though i dont know a lot of words i can write and read the alphabet pretty well
  • im kind of trans now i guess? i still like and even prefer she/her pronouns, but i do feel more genderneutral than i did and i also like ze/zir pronouns. im okay with feminine titles (girl, miss, queen, goddess, etc.) and some masculine titles like king, god, and sir. i dont really label myself as agender or whatever, if anything i'd say genderfluid but i don't really feel like labeling my gender so i'm not gonna
  • figured out im demonkin which is cool, demons are cool so that makes me cool
  • biggest thing to happen - my anxiety and anger problems have gotten bad enough to warrant going a psychologist. my anxiety was starting to give me physical symptoms (extremely hard to breathe, nausea, dissociation) and my anger problems got bad enough where id get anger attacks and go into overload mode at really tiny little things, so i finally asked to get help. ive only gone once so far, but it was very nice and i got a lot out which felt very good, and hopefully as i go more and more ill start feeling better and it will last
thats really all i can think of
so we'll see if i come back or not
again, here are my accounts where im actually active all the time
if any of my friends on here want to start talking to me again i'd highly reccommend you follow me on either one of those or both since i'm on tumblr from the moment i wake up to around 11pm est and twitter after i get off tumblr to whenever i go to bed, so if you wanna talk to me often then that's the way to go
so uh see u later
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it's bread
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
im not active on here anymore

i am active on tumblr and twitter

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