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April 6, 2013
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Slenderman is NOT cute. by madohomos Slenderman is NOT cute. by madohomos
It's a simple message that people don't seem to understand. Slenderman is not cute.

Slenderman, from the very beginning, has been a horrific monster, some people even believe he is a demon, me being one, who traumatizes and scars children throughout their childhood and then takes them away and does horrible things to them and assumingly kills them. He is not a sweet little guy who just wants a hug, 20 dollars, or a friend. He is an evil being that wants nothing more or less than to take you away, torture you, and eat you.
"oh, but i'd enjoy it! i'd let him eat me ;D"
"he'd never hurt real ppl tho!!!!!"
"your being mean!!!!! he's just misunderstood!!!!!!"
It's not exactly hard to misunderstand when he's ripping your intestines out, is it? Oh, wait, but it was just an accident, right? I'm sure he'll call an ambulance right away and tell you all is going to be okay. You'll be just fine and after you recover, you'l laugh it all away. Hahahaha - no.
Now don't get me wrong. Some cute drawings of Slenderman with a teddy bear or giving a child a hug are very nice and I like to see them. But it's really disappointing to watch a Slender group expecting horrifying art and then get anime-kawaii-desu-blushu and ponyfied derpy Pinkie Pie Slendermen 99% of the time. It seems that anything horrifying and murderous can't stay just that anymore - everything has to be justified and turned cutsie. Even the slashers - Jason, Freddy, Ghostface, Leatherface, Pinhead, they've all been butchered to death (no pun intended) by forever alone, me gusta, and other meme faces and chibi smiles and godforsaken PewdiePie rape jokes that it's hard to appreciate the original horror aspect. 11 year olds either want to seem brave or impressive by saying they are in love with Slenderman, which isn't so much as cool as fucking annoying beyond belief. Which is very sad, because I used to love Slenderman for who he was. I have a cosplay of him and drew him all the time and even made a horror movie about him. But now I just can't look at him without seeing the meme faces and pink blush.
You're not original or funny by making Slenderman cute.
You aren't making him better by completely THROWING AWAY his very characteristics that make him what he is.
You are ruining him, and giving the Slender fandom a bad name.

I just wish everything would go back to the way it was, when horror was horror and slashers were slashers.

Also, if you plan to go onto a huge big rant about how I am so wrong and that Slenderman is cute, go ahead, but I don't care. I'll just ignore you unless you actually put up a decent argument with valid points, not just "OMGZ!!!!! SLENDY IS LIEK SO CUTE AND U R SO MEAN!!!!!!!!! HE IS MY BOIFREIND AND HE IS CRYING RITE NOW!!!!!!!! U MADE HIM SAD, U BAKA!!!!!!!! I DO WAT I WANT!!!!! BAK OFF!!!!!!!!" So yeah. Come at me, 11 year olds. I'm ready for your sorry little bratty asses.
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CelesteSapphire Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Actually I'll agree there. The original Slenderman is a twisted, evil being. Unfortunately that's what made me love him. However certain... "Modifications" have been made to his character over the years resulting in some grotesque and some cute "offspring". My personal favorites are the child slenders.
MsGraziosa Dec 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Slenderman is not evil ASSHOLE!!! Read the experiment 84-b creepypasta!!!
slender-fox-smiles Dec 11, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
he is cute. he is ADORABLE! :3
slenderXC Dec 8, 2013  Student General Artist
I can think what I wanna think -.-
madohomos Dec 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
holy shi t your profile leaves me in physical pain
Some people say he is cute to not be afraid of him, but them fangirls go to far!
That's a cute opinion you've got. You know what makes it cuter? That I, and a good number of other people, have our own. Not all of us who draw Slender in a cute or humorous way are all "OMFG hez soooo CAYUTE!" A good number of us have read the actual Slenderman myth, myself included. And the 11-year-olds that you're reprimanding are just that. Little kids. They'll think whatever the older audience like is cool, and they'll always try to imitate us. Which is probably where the horrible grammar, undying and creepy love, and overused exclamation marks come from, which says something about where Generation Y is headed.

If you really can't look at Slender anymore because his soft fandom draw him as a pony or as a chibi or whatever, or if you say that we're "ruining the fandom", than that's kinda sad. There are still people who draw Slender in that frightening, surreal style that you appear to only have an open mind for. There will always be people who think something you think is horrifying or ugly is cute or beautiful. I'll keep drawing my cute Slender, and you keep drawing your scary Slender. And before you yip at me, I enjoy Gothic and frightening imagery just as much as I enjoy bubbly and cute imagery. So bite me.
madohomos Nov 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
rainbowthefox Nov 2, 2013  Student Writer
I do have to agree. Slenderman was meant to be scary, bloody, and what not. With all these like ponified things and people pairing him up with gosh knows who, it really does ruin his reputation, whether he may be a myth or not to people. Usually the chibi art of him is cute, only the art, but in reality, Slenderman's a living(doubt it) nightmare.

But we don't really know 100% all about him. We all start thinking various things about him and what he might do, possibly because of the game(s), or the fandom. So that's possibly why all the "fangirls" get the idea to pair themselves up with him. Surely they start making up things in their mind(s) that he's "a big teddy bear," or "kind, sweet, and gentle inside." He, to us, is only known to stalk children and take them to anywhere, most likely killing them, but we enhance it a bit too much, starting to make different kinds of rumors. Kind of like the Creepypasta series...

Point be, I agree with the stamp very much.
Frojoassassin Oct 27, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
People always crush on characters from movies or shows or youtube videos or lego shows that don't show anymore that are about ninjas and two of them have abs but ones way freaking hotter than the other or animes
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